Ashland, San Francisco, Gasquet
I play chess at!

Morgan O'Shaughnessey, Viola

Also fiddle, violin, nyckleharpa, viola da gamba, bagpipes, mandolin, banjo, guitar, bassoon, didgeridoo, conductor, vocalist, arranger, composer.

Graduate of Interlochen Arts Academy and SF Conservatory of Music

Seasoned regular with Rogue Valley Symphony, RVSO Chamber Players, Jefferson Baroque Orchestra, All Manor of Music, the Judy Bjorlie Band, Dr. Flotsam's Carny Bastards, the Gorini Quintet, The Pear Tree Players, Church of the Black Sheep, Siskiyou Kelt, Scannalach, and the Rogue Quebecois Cult
Check out this video of Jakub Tchorzewki and I performing at Teatro la Fenice

MOST Awesome Upcoming Performances:
   Some Viola Recitals with Jakub Tchorzewski, see Morgan and Jakub tab
   Pre-concert lectures will focus on how to pronounce last names of all parties        
Weekly Shows:
   Paddy Brannan's Pub: Saturdays 9pm-blackout, Sundays 6-8pm
   Black Sheep: Sundays 2-5 (though Mr. Fashionably Late arrives around 3:30)
12/31/2013: Please feel free to poke around this digital rattrap, I will be hiding some interesting things on here in the coming weeks, as well as continuing to upload a more reliable "Coming Events" news stream.  Despite the date, this is NOT a New Year's's just been a long time coming. -- Morgan