-- Violist Morgan O'Shaughnessey
Over 20 years of vibrant and spirited performances
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Latest News:

I have just recorded TWO solo albums! Stay tuned for release info.
In the meantime, a repertoire list:
"Elegie" a recital album with pianist Jakub Tchorzewski
Eliot Carter: Elegy (1943)
Beethoven: Notturno op. 42
Igor Stravinsky: Elegie for Solo Viola (1944)
Shostakovich: Sonata, op. 147
Tertis: Sunset (Coucher du Soleil)
"Dipsea Caprices" for solo nyckelharpa
Twenty-two caprices in as many keys written for the nyckelharpa to commemorate the Dipsea Trail in Marin County. This composition project began a year ago when I hiked the trail with two friends: one of them borrowed my camera and took twenty-two photos which immediately struck me with their charm and unique perspective of a natural region I deeply cherish. I later set each of them to a key and recorded all in August 2015 at the Castle Rohorsdorf in Dresden. 
Sheet music available upon request.

and an old note about another ongoing project:

Dear Visitor,                                                                              

     Congratulations! If you are reading this it means you are a lucky witness to the imminent Rebirth of a Phoenix. Soon, the current design of will explode in a brilliant burst of flame and fly forth into the binary wilderness as a beautiful manifestation of information that adequately reflects the dynamic musical life of its subject--myself, freelance violist Morgan O'Shaughnessey.

     This website began as something beautiful--a senior project for a young conservatory student eager to put his left foot forward into the adult world of gigs, orchestras, recording studios, and the like--and is ending as a dusty stuffed vulture badly in need of moulting. The initial plan in constructing this website was that it would become better and better as time crawled along through the double helix of aspirational learning and explorative study within an unknown field of design. 

     However, life is what happens when you were planning something else. A violist, after all, has to eat. Despite all of my well-intentioned pipe-dreams I simply had to spend all my time practicing, working, traveling, teaching, recording, etc. I have since learned that pride in one's own projects can occasionally be misplaced, and that it is OK for an otherwise capable adult to admit that he CANNOT do something and should ask someone FAR more qualified to do it for him. 

     Enter the designer, who will be LAVISHLY and BEAUTIFULLY credited...once she stops giggling at my absurd and pretentious preamble and gives me permission to give credit where credit is due on the final website. Seriously...there is talent and then there is TALENT: you, dear reader, are in for a treat.
                                                         Morgan P. O'Shaughnessey

                                                         Moderator, designer, and creator emeritus